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Steve's Band

Steve's Band (Duality, 2011)  £5     

'Steve plays guitar like a man with a grudge. He watches the chords for 'Whole Lot of Rosie' take  shape in the air and slip through the sliver of open window to float over the town.'

Steve's longing for a band takes him on a journey that gets too close to home for comfort. A story about music, friendship and the risks involved in getting what you wish for.

Praise for Steve's Band

'....a deeply beautiful book full of warmth for the everyday experience of musicians in a small town. The combination of down to earth characters and inspired expressionist prose is truly wonderful. There are passages of tone writing on music that surpass the most lauded works on the theme. Elaine Walker's honest, compassionate approach to her subject captures the craft, starry aspirations and genuine love of humanity that beats at the heart of rock and roll bands everywhere.'

 - Martin Daws