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Horse (Reaktion Books, 2008)    £11

'Through all the exploration, adventure and conflict of human life, the  horse  keeps on being a horse, adapting admirably, teaching us to be good leaders, warning us not to take too much for granted.'      

This book charts the long connection between people and horses reflected in cultures around the world  and explores the impact such close interaction has for both us and them

Praise for Horse

'...fascinating in its finely crafted perceptions which capture what many of us feel about horses but are not, perhaps, able to express so well as Elaine Walker. This is an objective, beautifully written for both the serious researcher and the simple enthusiast.

 - Graham Suggett, First Pasture - Land and Country Books

'…This is a wonderful book, and every equine student should own a copy! It provides a clear, concise and comprehensive overview of the human-horse relationship, and is written in an engaging and accessible style…'

 - Samantha Hurn, National Equine Student Journal of Equine Studies

'…This book is warm, engaging and personal, which makes it immensely readable. Yet Walker has packed the pages with a concise presentation of equine history and opened the door on topics long overdue for investigation. Whether it be traditional history …or one of her keen cultural observations, Walker can be counted on to educate and entertain effortlessly.. . the appearance of a meticulous scholar like Walker is a boon for equestrian research and her beautifully illustrated book is an addictive read…"

 - CuChullaine O'Reilly,The Long Riders' Guild