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Virtual Writing Residency - week 3

Elaine Walker

For my third week as Writer in Residence for Jane Badger Books, I've posted two poems about my own horses.

Both of them appear on these pages - the first, Rowan, is the blanket spot Appaloosa x Welsh cob, and the second, JB, is the little grey cob - he was a blue-and-white skewbald in his youth.

He died around this time last year at the age of 27 - a wonderful old horse who baby-sat any youngster who joined the herd and also many novice riders.

We still miss him, but Darius and Topaz, the other two Appaloosas in my photos, have taken over as uncles to my latest newcomer, Ruby, a Quarter Horse x Appaloosa.


Staroak American Blues aka Ruby






Herd interaction always fascinates me and the way Darius, not a tolerant horse generally, and Topaz, who is a real softie, are patient with Ruby is a treat to watch. Rowan, who's still only five herself, has made friends with Ruby but makes no special allowances for her!