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Author talk for Booka plus poem-a-day-for-four days (2)

Elaine Walker

Today I will be joining my friends, writers Alison Layland and Martine Bailey,Writers in Conversation poster_1 at The Willow Gallery in Oswestry to give a talk on the way we work as an informal group to develop our writing. The event will be hosted by Booka as part of Independent Bookshop Week. We will each talk about our own work and then have a group discussion on the way we use the resource of working together to help refine and develop our writing projects.

I will be explaining the way my poem, Davey Sings, which is the second of my four poems (below), became a song, which is part of my set as Jude Lane, my singer/songwriter alter ego.

There is a recording of the song Davey Sings on my Soundcloud EP 'Snowbound' which I recorded with the help of my sound engineer son, Chris Walker, last Christmas.

Davey Sings

Davey sings of love and family, strumming the guitar his dad

gave him. Under the harsh spotlight masquerading as

atmosphere, the cracked veneer hums. He closes his eyes and

lifts his chin to let the unravelling knots in his chest

slither free between his vocal chords. His fingers ring the

harmonics of moments on the resonating strings and he forgets

the restless crowd, good-humoured but rowdy,

waiting for the rock band to come on.


Davey sings for himself and his cautious steps forwards, bold

yet scared, fending off the past with a plectrum and the scrappy

card he’s supposed to hand in at the clinc, but he’s written a song

on the back so he’ll just say he’s lost it and maybe

he doesn’t need to go there again anyway.