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Christmas Wishes

Elaine Walker

It's several years now since I spent Christmas in Canada with my husband and son, but the experience of some serious snow, which is what we went looking for, has fed into several stories and poems. Here's my own favourite, with all my good wishes to everyone out there for a very happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year.

Christmas in Quebec


Icebergs float swift and sharp along the

St. Lawrence, calved upstream or formed from the

pressure of the wind against water already

shuddering with cold. The river has miniature

landscapes in crystal shards, scooting alongside the

road as though caught up in the early evening

rush for home.


High above, fairy lights shimmer red and green on the

knee-deep snow and shoppers slither well-wrapped

on icy pavements. The funicular railway lowers itself with

care down the steeply inclined drop to the old town. We watch

the ground rise to meet us then step out into gripping air,

hurrying between the huddled shops to order hot chocolate

in stumbling French, laughing because our eyelashes are frosted

and freezing breath has rimmed our lips with ice

like the shattered river.