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I am a writer of fiction - particularly magical realism - as well as poetry and non-fiction. Much of my non-fiction is on the horse in cultural history, which is my academic specialism. For more details, see the section on William Cavendish.

My poetry tends to be about my moorland home in North Wales, or my interest in live music. My poems often evolve into songs.

I've been a consultant on horse-related projects for various organisations, including English Heritage, ITV, the Historic Royal Palaces Commission and the Royal Armouries. I've been a guest reviewer for The Times Higher Education and written a presentation pack for The Royal Mail's special stamp collection 'The Working Horse'. 

I'm a full member of The Society of Authors, Academi (Literature Wales) and The National Association of Writers in Education.

I'm also a singer, songwriter and guitarist, going out as Jude Lane for solo gigs, and singing with The Levee Breaks.

I had riding lessons for my 5th birthday and horses have always been important to me. 

I discovered western riding and Appaloosa horses while on holiday in Scotland at The Ardfern Riding Centre in the late 1980s and have been devoted to both ever since. 

Arfern and the surrounding areas were in my mind when I wrote 'The Horses’ and this sort of personal connection has fed into much of my writing. 

Featured in the images across my website are the members of my own small herd, especially August Serenity, my Appaloosa x Section D Welsh Cob, known as Rowan to her friends. 

There are also my two retired Appaloosas, Classic Charmer, known as Darius, and Topaz, who has no credentials to give him a fancy name but that doesn’t worry any of us. Both were very spotty in their youth but have coloured out, a common feature of the Appaloosa, as they got older.

The solid coloured horse is Staroak American Blues, my chocolate grulla Appaloosa x Quarter Horse filly, known as Ruby. The solid coat is also common among Appaloosas, though Ruby has a few dark spots and a couple of very small white ones on her chest.

Two donkeys, Cadbury and Zebedee, make up the herd, providing entertainment value and a regular challenge to everything I think I know about equines!